Thursday, August 4, 2016

July 25, 2016 -- Riding With Style

This week has been simply amazing.  All the way from the Palmyra Temple to transfer calls to riding in a fancy smancy car.

Elder Burton and I went to the temple with Elder and Sister Lee on Friday.  I was crazy excited!! Driving in and seeing the Bishop's storehouse, Hill Cumorah, and the visitors center gets ya super excited. Then, driving up to the temple was amazing. It's been 10 months since I have been able to attend the temple. Ten months feels long enough to me, glad I didn't wait a second longer. The temple session gave me just the recharge of energy I needed. After the temple, we needed to go to the bishops storehouse so the Lee's could pick up a bunch of food for a Stake in our mission. They were kind enough to make a quick stop at the visitors center so Elder Burton and I could grab a picture. We ran into the visitors center to and asked the sister missionary who was working there if she would be kind enough to take a picture of Elder Burton and me in front of the Christ statue. She gladly said yes. I hurried into the room with the statue and then looked to my left to find that there were a bunch of people just staring at me... I realized when I saw the other sister missionary that they were in the middle of a tour that I had just interrupted. All the people were probably thinking, who in the world is this random tall dude? Anyway I told them we just needed to take a picture really quick. They were very understanding and let us take the picture. That was my awkward moment of the day. We went to the bishop's storehouse after that and loaded up some food. I was able meet some church service missionaries so that was a neat experience. On the way home, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by Sister Lee and had some good laughs plus naps.

On Saturday I got my transfer call. I am going to Elmira with Elder Hubbell.  He is pretty new into the mission but I'm sure we'll get along just fine. I will go there on Wednesday. I have heard good things about Elmira. It's a college town and some of the best pick up ball stories I've heard in the mission came from Elmira. I had to say goodbye to the Oneida Branch yesterday and let me just say that was not easy. We had a potluck after church so I was able to get pictures with all of them. Sister Lewis even surprised me with a late birthday cake. It was for Elder Lee as well but it was much appreciated. I have been here for the past six months. It has become my home away from home. I have gotten to know the branch very well here. I'm also super bummed about saying goodbye to all the people Elder Burton and I are teaching. It going to feel like part of my heart is ripping away when I'm leaving Oneida. I know they are amazing people and I hope that everything continues to go well with the missionary work here.

Last night Elder Burton and I taught Wayne. He owns some nice vintage cars.  After the lesson last night, Wayne offered me a deal that I had the hardest time saying no to. He offered to let me take his 1975 red convertible out for a spin. We are not allowed to drive other people's cars as missionaries so I had to say no to this once in a lifetime opportunity. We figured out a good solution though. Wayne and his wife took us out for a spin and we rode in the back seat. It was amazing.

Anyway it has been a week full of  tender mercies and I have definitely greatly felt the Spirit of the Lord.

The sky is blue, the Church is true and life is good.
Love, Elder Carlile
Palmyra Temple

Wayne's Red Convertible

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