Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 1, 2017 -- Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

I looked out the window and what did I see................. Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!! That's right, the trees are starting to bloom and the temperature has been what I would call perfect for missionary work -- not to hot and not to cold, right around 70 degrees.

 The work had been going very good for Elder Shore and me this past week!! We have been able to find a lot of new people to teach in the past three weeks. We had a pretty cool experience finding two of the people we are teaching. Their names are Lisa and Phyllis. Well I wasn't actually there when they tracted into them. Elder Shore was with a missionary from Syracuse and I was with the other missionary from Syracuse. They were blitzing our area. I went for the second lesson and when we pulled up to the house I thought it looked familiar. Then it hit me. Elder Turner and I had tracted this house a couple of months ago and everyone rejected us. At this specific house, a guy answered the door and we had a good ten minute conversation about religion but he ultimately turned us away. This made me curious to meet Lisa and Phyllis for the first time. As it turns out, the guy that Elder Turner and I talked to didn't actually live in that house but was just visiting his father who lived there. Lisa and Phyllis take care of the father because he's really old. Lisa and Philly are doing great! We have met with them three times now and they are just starting to get into the Book of Mormon. I thought this was so cool because, by the time Elder Turner and I were done tracting that street, I never thought I would be back again and now we are teaching two people there. I know the Lord led Elder Shore there to find those people.

Another experience that stands out the most this week occurred on Saturday. We had the Liverpool elders with us that day. Our blitz/exchange ended at 6:00. We had a great working day with them. After six, Elder Shore and I just hit a wall. We didn't want to do anything. Our plans: to tract. Our appointment that night cancelled so we had a lot of finding ahead of us that night. After some prayer, we forced ourselves to go and knock on doors. I did my best at the doorsteps to be in a great mood. It was just one of those days. After an hour or so of that, I had a thought that we should go and try some potential investigators. So we prayed for some guidance and a guy named Kevin popped into my head. He was a potential investigator Elder Turner and I had met. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon at the time. We had  already stopped by multiple times but he wasn't home. But this night he was and we were able to teach him the message of the Restoration and picked him up as a new investigator. After we were done teaching, I felt so much better. Teaching the gospel always puts me in a better mood, especially when it is a good lesson. Heavenly Father answered my prayer.
Well I really cannot complain about this week. The sky is blue, the Church is true and life is good.

Have a good week, Elder Carlile
Liverpool Elders - May 2017

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