Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fasting Is Powerful

I want to share an experience Elder Skouson and I had with fasting.  Yesterday was Fast Sunday, so Elder Skouson and I decided to fast for the people in our area that their hearts would be softened. We were able to fast the two meals, and believe me, that was hard.  I wanted to feed my two hollow legs.  I made it, however, because I was fasting with a purpose.

After dinner we weren’t feeling that great and considered not going out to tract that night.  But we took a leap of faith and relied on the Lord for strength. As we started to tract on our first street, we both felt weak physically. At the first door we knocked on, we picked up a new investigator. We had a great open-minded discussion about the gospel. His name is Aaron and we are visiting him again on Tuesday. The next door we knocked on we got a return appointment. A couple of doors later we got another return appointment. A few more doors and we got yet another return appointment. This was all on the same street and I know this was a result of fasting.

So that is the awesome experience I wanted to share with you this week.
 Love, Elder Carlile
The following picture was posted by Sister Rogers from a training meeting last week:

This is ZTM in Saratoga.  This is a picture of the little and the big in the mission.  Elder Beck is maybe 5 ft and might weigh 100 and Elder Carlile is 7 ft. 2

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