Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 -- Drenching Rain

This past week in Oneida has definitely had its memorable moments. Elder Misustin and I had the opportunity to do some service in a soup kitchen. It is located at a Methodist church on the main street in Oneida. It gives us a good opportunity to serve around other good people that have a similar belief in Jesus Christ. I also appreciated serving food to all the wonderful people who came to get a meal. Watching them light up when you hand them the plate of food is what makes it all worth it. 

The weather has been all over the place this week, as usual. Wednesday night Elder Misustin and I  were walking around trying to OYM people, as we missionaries like to call it, when all of a sudden out of nowhere it started pouring rain. Elder Misustin and I started booking it back to our apartment so we would not get soaked but after about a minute it didn't matter. We were drenched!  So we did what we could and enjoyed it. I may have even splashed in a couple of puddles while yelling "I love being a missionary" but that's just me being weird.

Last night Elder Misustin and I were faith walking. We felt like we should start tracting this one random street so we went and knocked on the first door. A guy answered and we asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ with him. He said yes but was pushed for time. Elder Misustin and I hurried and taught a shortened version of the Restoration. He seemed to like the message so we got his number and will be meeting with him in the future. It goes to show you, that when you are striving to go where the Lord wants you to go as a missionary, He will lead you to His children that are ready to hear the gospel. The Church is true, the sky is getting more blue and life is good.

Love, Elder Carlile
PS  Here is a random picture from this week

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