Monday, February 22, 2016

February 8, 2016 -- New Week in a New Area

This past week has been an eventful one. It was full of goodbyes and new faces but that's part of being a missionary I guess.

I said goodbye to all the members and missionaries in the Binghamton ward. It was hard because it seemed like I just got to the Binghamton ward yesterday. It's weird that you can come to love people so quickly. The hardest part was saying goodbye to Elder Ayre. We became best friends in the past nine weeks. We worked hard and had good time doing it. Really though, I have never laughed so hard or been so tired than this past transfer. He's a good man. I know I made a friendship that is going to last. We said goodbye to each other but we both knew that that goodbye was only temporary.
My new companion's name is Elder Misustin. He is from Logan Utah. He has been out one more transfer than I have. He is hard working and has a great desire to do missionary work. I'm super grateful for that. Those things are really the most important things to have in a companionship.
Oneida is definitely smaller than Johnson City but I love it! I compare it to Heber City only a little bit smaller. There are many beautiful fields and rolling hills. Our area covers Oneida and the neighboring towns. Our apartment is in the main city of Oneida. I fit pretty well in the apartment except for the basement cellar where the washer and dryer is.  But that's ok, I can live with that. For the first time in my mission I'm in a car area! I can't wait to get working hard to find those ready to accept the gospel in Oneida.
Being in a branch is great. I already know most the member's names after one Sunday. I have never been in a branch before in my life so it was a little different at first.  But after sacrament meeting on Sunday, I really felt the branch unity that you don't always get in big wards. I was welcomed with open arms.
Until next time,
Elder Carlile

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