Friday, January 1, 2016

December 28, 2015 -- Christmas Gifts

I loved talking to all of you and Katie this past week over Skype. I loved all the presents you sent!  But there were two presents that were the most meaningful to me. The first is the fact that both you and Dad had successful cancer surgery. It truly is such a miracle. The second is the note from Noah. When I read it and saw the picture of the sun he drew I may have gotten a little emotional. The picture he drew reminded me of the light of Christ.

I'm a little sick right now but it's not stopping me from doing the work. The sweater that I got in my package fits very well and the Subway gift cards are helping a lot. They allow Elder Ayre and me to stay out on the other side of town and eat at Subway so we don't have to waste time going back to our apartment for lunch. We also met this really cool guy when we went to Subway the other day. He works there and recognized our church. We started talking about LDS players in the NBA and then it turned to how the LDS church has helped his sister in her life. We are hoping to start meeting with him in the future. Anyway, thank you for the cards and tell Alli thank you also.

Love Elder Carlile

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