Monday, March 28, 2016

March 20, 2016 -- Six Months Already

As I look back on this past week,  it's been kind of a blur. On Tuesday, I went on an exchange to Shurbern with Elder Smith. He is a new missionary that has been out for one month so far. He is from Idaho and yes, he does love his potatoes. We hit it off pretty well and had a good time over all. I brought my guitar for the exchange and, after planning, we made up some songs about missionary work. I just wish I could send the videos of the songs we made but unfortunately this email won't let me.  The attached picture will have to do. We also made brownies that night to celebrate my 6 month mark so that was nice.

Elder Misustin and I were on edge this past week waiting for transfer calls. We finally got them last night.  It had been a long day of resting in the apartment because I was dealing with a flu bug that has been going around. We found out that Elder Misustin is going to be going to Endicot  It is an area right by where I just came from in Johnson City. My new companion is gong to be Elder Sunny Smith, not the same one I went on exchanges with. He is coming form Endicot so I guess Oneida and Endicot are just flipflopping companions. I know Elder Sunny Smith from my last area so that is making things a little bit easier. I look forward to being able to take over the area.
The Chuch is true, the sky is blue, and life is good:)
Elder Carlile

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