Monday, March 28, 2016

March 27, 2016 -- Another "Sonny" Day for Easter

This past week has been crazy!  I can hardly remember what I was doing a week ago.  At the beginning of the week we got Elder Misustin packed to go to Endicot. That night, Berla and Steve took us to the buffet at the Turning Stone, the huge casino that in in Oneida, to say goodbye to Elder Misustin. It was weird to be in a casino as a missionary. I kinda felt like Abinadi when he said "touch me not" to the wicked people in King Noah's court in the Book of Mormon. I'm just kidding, the restaurant was not too close to the gambling parts of the casino. Overall, the food was delicious, the company was wonderful, and there was even a tree of life statue in the casino, I don't think they were thinking of  Lehi's dream when they made it but they did a pretty good job.
Transfers happened on Wednesday. By some coincidence,  I was able to see all of the missionaries that I have ever served around since I have been out on my mission. Some of those missionaries include Elder Skouson (my trainer), Elder Ayre (my boy), Sisters Mayer and North (basically my adopted big sisters), and so many other missionaries. It was the last time I'll probably be able to see a lot of these peeps before they go home. At transfers, I found my new companion, Elder Sonny Smith. I only put his first name in because this is the second Elder Smith in my District and it may have made my pun work at the beginning of my email.

Elder Smith is a big lovable teddy bear. He has been out for 16 months in the mission. I served around him in my last area so I already knew him a little bit. He is from Sacramento, California which means that he is my first companion that is not from Utah. He has a great attitude about working and is loving it here in Oneida.
Since it has been so nice outside the past couple of days, Elder Smith and I have been out OYMing people on the street. So many people are out because of the nice weather. We even had the chance to play some two on two basketball with some random people at the park. After we played a game with them they asked us who we were.  We were able to give them a card referencing the new Easter video the church put out.
Anyway, the sky is blue, the Church is true. and life is good!
Elder Carlile
Elder Sonny Smith

Tree of Life

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