Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 -- A Week of Unexpected Events

As I look back on the week I can hardly remember what I was doing at the beginning of the week.  I think that's a good thing... Anyway Elder Sonny Smith had a really cool experience this week.

One day, after we had finished online time, I had the idea to go the this small clothing store called The Merry Go Round to volunteer for service. We went in and started talking to the owners. Their names are Merry and Keith. At first we talked about random stuff like NBA teams and other things like that but then the conversation turned to religion. We all started talking about our love for Jesus Christ and then, in the middle of the conversation, Elder Smith shared a story called Pushups for Donuts. They loved the story so much that we gave them the copy. After about an hour of talking about Jesus Christ and what we do as missionaries, they invited us to come over to their house some time to have dinner with them and talk more about religion. I am looking forward to meeting with them. As we were leaving, I was talking to Keith.  He is a doctor, by the way, and he said, "I know that we were meant to meet today. I really needed it." It just so happened that this was the first time in months that Keith and Merry were able to come work in the store due to health problems that Merry has been having. We said a prayer with them and went on our way.  I know that meeting them was not a coincidence. The Lord sends his missionaries to help his children in need and I am grateful to have this opportunity to be on the Lord's errand full time.

On Sunday morning Elder Sonny Smith and I got a call from President Rogers. He informed us that an Emergency Transfer was going to take place. Elder Sonny Smith was going to a new area and Elder Tyler Smith was going to be coming to Oneida with me. Elder Tyler Smith has been going through a bit of a rough time and so hopefully this will bring a good change for him.
After we got off the phone, Elder Smith and I were shocked. We went to church where he said his goodbyes to members in the Oneida branch and then we went to say goodbye to some more people. After that, we went and he packed. We drove and met the other set of elders halfway and exchanged Elder Smith for Elder Smith. Yes they do have the same last name. No they are not related and yes this does mean that we don't have to make new pass along cards. It was weird to say goodbye to Elder S. Smith. It feels like he just got here. These past five weeks have flown by but the good times we had will always be remembered. 
I can't wait to get to work with Elder Tyler Smith. I have gotten to know him pretty well on exchanges and other things. I love the kid and we get along super well. He's been out for three months and is from Idaho. He loves potatoes and is proud of it! We started off this companionship right with a game of PIG this morning for our workout. I can't wait to see what new adventures lay in store.
Till next week, the sky is blue the church is true and life is good.
Elder Carlile

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