Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 4, 2016 -- Spring Has Brought Me Such a Nice -- Oh Wait!

This whole week Elder Smith and I have been anticipating General Conference. To start it off right, we got up and made a huge breakfast. All day Friday I was saying "and in the mornin I'm makin waffles."  We had waffles, eggs, and a pork red pepper onion potato mix. Let's just say we had leftovers.
It randomly dropped 40 degrees and snowed Saturday morning, but that didn't dim Elder Smith's and my conference spirit!  We did a competition to see who could stick their legs out in the snow the longest.... Fortunately I won but we both had to run to the bathroom so we could run our feet under warm water (see picture).

General Conference was amazing. I was grateful that our prophet's stamina allowed him to share a short but powerful message about striving to be worthy for the Priesthood in all places. Some of the impressions I got from the whole thing are that the promise that the Lord will put the words in our mind in the very hour that we will need them come when we are bearing are testimonies. This was a great reminder to me that I needed to bear my testimony not only when I am teaching people but when I am tracting and street contacting. 

After conference ended on Sunday, Elder Smith and I went out to street contact people. There weren't very many people out because it was cold but we ran into this one man named Buddy... Don't worry I was thinking about the movie Elf too. Anyway I shared a brief summary of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and then testified of it. To my surprise he wanted to learn more about our message so Elder Smith and I got his contact info and set up a time to meet with him.

I know that the Lord speaks directly to us through his servants.  In fact, the Lord is always trying to speak to us. If we will look for his hand in our lives, then we will see that he never truly leaves us alone. He will answer our questions, give us strength to endure, and most importantly, bring an overwhelming scene of peace in our lives.

Until next week
Elder Carlile

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