Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 16, 2016 -- I Can't "Express" How Grateful I Was to Have "Panda"

This week got off to a great start with our Zone training meeting in Utica. As a joke, Elder Smith and I both bought a fake pair of glasses and wore them the whole meeting and then the rest of the day because we wanted to look smarter:)  

On Wednesday we had to make a trip out to Albany for some mission busyness. When we found out that we were going to go to Albany, Elder Smith and I instantly knew what that meant............... LUNCH AT PANDA EXPRESS!!!!!!!  I haven't had Panda in over 8 months so let's just say it was about time to get my Panda fill. I was so excited that I took like five pictures of all of us eating there.

Teaching Wayne had been amazing. He is super logical with a sincere desire to find truth. Sometimes he ask questions that I don't think that most members of the church have thought to ask yet.  I love it though because that means that Elder Smith and I really have to be know our doctrine. He always keep the commitments we give him like reading in the Book of Mormon, reading a conference talk, or praying. We are really just trying to focus on building his faith.

Elder Oaks said something this past general conference that really stuck out to me.  He said, "Our efforts to improve our observance of the Sabbath day pose a less stressful example of opposition."

I have tried to improve my observance of the Sabbath the past two Sundays and noticed a tremendous difference.  In doing this, I have been able to focus on the positive and more spiritual side of things, and the number of spiritual experiences I have had has increased greatly.  I know that the opposition is there but yet I still feel happy.  I know that it all starts with giving your best effort to improve the Sabbath day.

Love, Elder Carlile


Zone Training May 2016

Looking "Smart" at Panda Express

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