Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016 -- Everyone Is Dancing, Happy Wedding

This week was so busy that I can hardly remember what happened. It has been super hot and the humidity is real. I have enjoyed the bright-looking days though so I can't complain.

President Rogers came with us to see Wayne this week. He tries to go out and work with all his missionaries when he gets the chance. During the lesson, Alma 30 was shared about how we have all these things to prove that there is a god. It changed Wayne's whole perspective. Now he is taking on the mindset of God is there until proven otherwise. On one of our other lessons this week, he decided that he needed to read the whole Book of Mormon. He has been hesitant to read it in the past because of how long it is but his faith is growing and continues to grow as he keeps the commitments Elder Smith and I give him.

We also had a wonderful lesson with Tasha this past week. Elder and Sister Lee came with us to do the lesson. Elder and Sister Lee are one of the office couples and they are serving in the Oneida branch while they are here. They came so they could meet Tasha's kids because Sister Lee does primary in the branch. Tasha has been hesitant to come to church because she is worried that her kids will misbehave. The Lees were great with Tasha's kids and now she is going to come to church this next week.  I am looking forward to that.

We had a wedding in the Oneida Branch this past Saturday. Brother White and his girlfriend have been coming to the branch for the past two years and they finally decided to get married. Now that they are married, Sister White wants to take the missionary lessons so she can get baptized. The White's goal is to go to the temple and be sealed as a family. They have one primary-aged girl named Honesty and they also have a new baby that is 2 weeks old. I am super excited to be a part of bringing their family closer together.

I have been able to see the blessing of the Lord's hand in the mission work this week and am super grateful for it. The sky is blue, the Church is true, and life is good.

Until next week,
Elder Carlile
Summer Tracting in Oneida

Happy Wedding in the Oneida Branch

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