Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 -- Now That's What I Call a New York Storm!

Hey Peeps!! This past week was wacky!! On Tuesday, this HUGE storm called a nor'easter came in and dumped two feet of snow on us. We were on lockdown for a couple of days. We couldn't use our cars since the roads where so bad and we could only go to appointments with people if they were within close walking distance. 
Wednesday morning we grabbed our shovels and went around our neighborhood to help some people shovel their driveways. It was pretty bad. Some cars were completely covered in snow so you could hardly see them and there were some snowbanks that were taller than me! Shoveling driveways was a great chance to "practice what we preach" and go serve the people. After a couple of hours, we went back into the apartment and did some paperwork.... that got boring really fast. Elder Turner and I thought we were going to go crazy after being cooped up in the apartment for two days. We were both excited to get back to the normal missionary work when the weather finally cleared up.

The most Exciting news of this week is that Yvonne and Cathleen are for sure getting baptized next week!!!! They have been meeting with the missionaries for two years now and Yvonne is so determined and ready to receive this huge blessing of baptism in her life. Unfortunately, the man downstairs is working on the double to stop her in her tracks. On Sunday, she was driving to church when her car broke down, so she had to get towed and wasn't able to make it to church. That's not going to stop her though. She is holding to her faith in God and the great truth is Light always overcomes the darkness.

Well those are some of the crazy things that have happened this past week. I hope you all have a great week! The sky is blue, the Church is true and life is good.

Elder Carlile
The Big One!!

"Look Mom, No Legs"

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