Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 -- Goodbye Elmira!

SO MUCH has happened this past week. . . transfer calls, ugly tie district meeting, and lots and lots of goodbyes. Things are going to be very different for me this time next week.  I'll start with the transfer news first.

I'm getting transferred to Liverpool!!  It's a suburb just north of Syracuse.  I'm going to be a Zone Leader over the Syracuse zone.  My companion is someone I know and have served around.  His name is Elder Turner.  He is from Idaho and has been out six weeks longer than me on the Lord's Mission.  He's a pretty good ball player.  I think we are going to be the best basketball duo companionship in the mission!!  I'm nervous, excited, but feel peace about the change at the same time.

I've been saying goodbye to a lot of people here in Elmira.  Six months is a long time to get to know people as a missionary.  The ward was super kind to me and everyone was wishing me well.

For my last district meeting here in Elmira, we did an "Ugly Tie" district meeting.  If you know anything about me and ties, it's that I don't like to wear ugly ones.  But I made the sacrifice and wore one.  It was a great time.  I'm thankful for the wonderful missionaries that I was able to serve around in this district.

We did tons of paperwork today because Elder Crandall got the cold I had last week and I didn't want him to get worse working out in the cold weather. Paperwork is not always the most interesting thing to do but now the area book is organized and Elder Crandall is ready to take over the area.  I'm really going to miss Elder Crandall.  I have gained one of my closest friends over the past six weeks and am grateful for the boost we were able to give each other. 

The sky is blue, the Church is true and life is good!
Elder Carlile
My Wonderful Elmira District

"Ugly Tie" District Meeting

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